From start to finish: Tea Towels and Note Cards

From start to finish: Tea Towels and Note Cards

Can you believe it's only a little over a week before Thanksgiving? The holidays are fast approaching and we are here to help you find that one-of-a-kind gift for all the special people in your lives. Our featured artist series continues. If you missed the last few rounds, you can check them out on our Artistly blog. This week we are taking you behind the scenes of one of our graphic designers - Sparetire Design. Here's a peak into her process:

Through years of art practice emerged a simple, whimsical, and timeless style and aesthetic. Almost every creation is inspired by nature and the time spent observing and absorbing its beauty and masterfulness.

1. Sparetire Design was born from the need to express the way the artist interprets the natural world and how we interact with it.

2. It is important to Sparetire Design as a creator and product producer to put pieces into the world that add to and complement everyday aspects of our lives while simultaneously not harming the earth.

3. Each design starts with pencil or brush to paper. By the time she's ready to release the idea and let it take shape and form on paper, it has been brewing, shifting, and morphing in her mind for a while.

4. Sketching and painting the ideas often leads to tangent ideas as well. Once those initial thoughts are expressed, the artist digitalizes the art by recreating it in digital programs like Illustrator or Procreate. During this phase, she plays with color, layout, and depth, often creating patterns of the motifs drawn and letting the idea fully blossom and morph until it feels right.

5. Once the design feels complete, Sparetire Design produces her items using hand-picked and vetted producers. Making sure their practices match or exceed Sparetire Design's eco and ethical practices is one of her top priorities

6. Once produced, a quality check is done before the piece makes its way to &Home. We hope you enjoyed this look behind the scenes. Check out Sparetire Design online and in-store.

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