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Hotplates by MAC

Botanical Hot Plates

Botanical Hot Plates

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The botanical hot plates are both functional and work of art. Designed by a husband and wife team out of Harrisburg, PA where the grow, dehydrate, and assemble most of the items used within the hot plates right from their studio. The acrylic center within the hot plate is a patented technology that can withstand up to 400 degrees.

Due to the very unique nature of this item - each hot plate design varies significantly. Images are just examples. Please email us if you have a specific theme in mind otherwise we will ship one at random.

Care: Never submerge the hot plate in water or place a scalding pot from the stove on the hot plate. 


Small - 8" x 6.5"

Medium - 9" x 8.5"

Large - 11" x 9"

X-Large - 12" x 11"

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