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Feeling Groovy Herbal Tea

Feeling Groovy Herbal Tea

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Short Verison:

The combination of ginger, alfalfa, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, spearmint, marshmallow, orange peel, anise hyssop, and hyssop just rocks your world. Most ingredients grown in Mendham, NJ.

Tea Bags: Each container contains 15 pyramid tea bags.


Want more info? We got it!


Whether you are feeling under the weather, blah, or totally disliking your cat/dog/kids/husband/wife/life/job/the color green/ fill in the blank (we don't care what you write,) grab this tea. It takes you from crappy to happy.

It turns everything including those ugly step-sisters into Cinderella. Seriously.

The combination of ginger, alfalfa, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, spearmint, marshmallow, orange peel, anise hyssop, and hyssop just rocks your world.


A nice kick in the butt ginger taste with great herbs that sing in the chorus.

Wait, is it too spicy, you ask?

This tea is not an in-your-face type of ginger tea. All the herbs get a say with this blend so it is nice ginger blend without ginger being the predominant taste. You taste a burst of ginger at the end of each gulp.

Some say it is spicy and others say it isn't spicy since they drink fresh ginger daily. So, it depends on your ginger tolerance. If you find the ginger is too much, just add some honey or more water. If you find it isn't spicy enough, you ginger lovers, just grate some fresh ginger into the tea cup as it steeps.

In any event, the ginger is taking numbers and no nasty germs or bad moods are leaving the room without their coats.


Tea Bags: Each container contains 15 pyramid tea bags.

We grow organically and when we run out of our herbs we source from certified organic farms. Our preference is to source from local or regional US herb farms.

Our farm was recently certified organic. We are slowly transitioning our products to be certified organic; however we need to use up all our pre-certified herbs in the meantime. Please note, all of our sourcing partners were and are certified organic.


No can do.

We do not add artificial or natural ingredients to our teas. We let the herbs speak for themselves.

On the farm, our herbs run around naked…

But you knew that.


Take one heaping teaspoon if you are using the loose tea (or more to your liking. We know some of you like your tea strong.) Add it to the reusable bag or your handy tea strainer. Either rub the bag with your hands like you are rubbing Aladdin’s Genie’s lamp or use a spoon to break up the herbs in a tea strainer. (We like our cartoons.)

If you are using a tea bag, rub the bag lightly.

The rub motion releases the essential oils in the herbs to give you a better cup of tea.

Then pour boiling water over the bag and let it steep for 10 minutes. If you forget about it, don’t fret, the tea is good cold too. (We forget about our tea all the time, and so we are used to drinking it cold. We are busy keeping those nude herbs under control.)

You can use the tea bag more than once.

In the case of our reusable bag, use the herbs twice and then let the bag dry. It is not fun removing wet herbs from a wet bag. Once dry, remove the herbs and throw them in your food or smoothie. They still have benefits. Why not use them?

You can do the same thing with our tea bags. Just rip open the bag and toss into your food.


We know. We sound like your mother.

As you know, we are pretty hyper about the quality of our herbs. (Sometimes to a fault.)

We want you to have the freshest cup to enjoy each time. So, please close the lid tightly to keep the air out.

Herbs like Superman have kryptonite. In this case, air, heat, and light are herbs' enemies. Sadly, they will rob you of the enjoyment of the fantastic taste of the herbs.

Our herbs thank you. They work hard to make your tea taste good. They fight bugs, yeast, mold and whatever fury Mother Nature throws at them and keep on being awesome.

Life if too short. Why feel crappy? Get on the happiness train with Feeling Groovy. If you want to hum a few bars of Feeling Groovy song--go right ahead.

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