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Simmer and Co

Simmer and Co Simmer Bags

Simmer and Co Simmer Bags

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Everything is handmade, in small batches and packaged for you to enjoy! Each simmer mix bag contains enough botanicals for one simmer pot that can be used multiple times. All the instructions are labelled on the back of each back, and a window in the bag lets you see the beautiful aroma. After use, the simmer mix can be composted, making it an eco friendly way to add aroma to your home. Non-toxic, safe for you, your loved ones and Mother Nature!

Be Alluring -clove, star anise, orange, bay leaf, cinnamon

Be Cozy - jasmine, cedar wood, cardamom, lime, bay leaves

Be Northern - pine, cloves, limes, allspice, bay leaves

Be Sparkling - peppermint, cacao, vanilla, coffee, nutmeg

Be Spiced - orange, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, allspice 

Be Thankful - apple, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, vanilla

Be Tranquil - lavender, juniper, cedar wood, lime, eucalyptus

Be Everlasting - Sweet Cacao, Smooth Coconut, Bold Coffee, Warm Cinnamon and Rich Vanilla Lemons

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